Wilson Todd leads the MXD championship after four rounds

Todd Holds MXD Points Lead

19 May 2015

GYTR Yamaha’s Wilson Todd continues to be the MXD red plate holder after round four of the MX Nationals but he faced several challenges during a tough weekend at Murray Bridge.

Todd entered the round carrying a sore wrist after a crash the week before while contesting a stated based race in Victoria. Like many of the previous rounds, he was unable to ride up until race day and even what speed he would be able to produce was unknown by even Todd himself.

With gritted teeth, he posted the fastest lap in the MXD qualifying session, 1.2 seconds faster than any of his rivals but would he be able sustain that pace for the two 20 minute motos that lay ahead of him throughout the day?

Moto one saw him off to a reasonable start and he immediately began working on the riders in front of him. He quickly moved into second and then shadowed the leader for a couple of laps before making his move and taking over the race lead. Despite his aching wrist and plenty of arm pump, Todd held on by the barest of margins to take the victory in a gritty and determined ride.

Moto two was looking similar as Wilson again moved through the pack and into second place. As he began to whittle away at the four second lead, he got a nasty kick in the whoop section that sent him flying from his bike. Again, he hit is injured wrist. He was slow to remount but eventually got underway and finished the race off in 27th place and earn a few valuable points.

With 1-27 finishes, Todd finished 11th for the day and his lead in the championship sits at eight points.

“I’m not too sure what happened in those whoops. It’s like I hit something just under the dirt and it skipped sideways pretty fast,” Todd explains. “I had been going through them pretty well all day with no real dramas, so that is hard to explain.

“I’m looking forward to the day that I turn up at one of these rounds 100% fit and ready to go. Each round I have had to manage some injury or niggle and it’s starting to get frustrating. I just want to be able to race and ride the way I know I can and not just get through.

After the next round we have a month break so hopefully in that time I can heal up a bit and hit the last half of the season full fit and ready to go,” he ends.

Round five of the championship is on at Coolum, Queensland on May 31. To follow the GYTR Yamaha on social media; www.facebook.com/GYTRYamaha or @gytr_yamaha_team

Round Four Results – Murray Bridge

1st Connor Tierney – 67
2nd Jayden Rykers – 60
3rd Jordan Hill – 58
4th Jesse Madden – 55
5th Wayde Carter – 52
6th Zak Small – 49
7th Bailey Coxon – 47
8th Jamie Harvey – 39
9th Travis Silk – 39
10th Lachlan Davis – 39
11th Wilson Todd – 39 (GYTR Yamaha)

Championship Standings – After Round Four
1st Wilson Todd – 197 (GYTR Yamaha)

2nd Connor Tierney – 189
3rd Jesse Madden – 187
4th Wayde Carter – 174
5th Jayden Rykers – 171
6th Bailey Coxon – 165
7th Jonte Reynders – 149
8th Lachlan Davis – 135
9th Jordan Hill – 135
10th Zak Small - 132 


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