Future Mission Capabilities in Australia

Regular inspections of power lines across Australia is required to ensure safety and proper maintenance upkeep. Powerlines and associated infrastructure should be inspected every 12-24 months. Given the geographical size of Australia, this is a costly and time-consuming task.

The regular inspection of power lines in remote and difficult to access areas of Australia is mostly undertaken by manned helicopter. This costly exercise requires a highly skilled team of pilots and technicians working long hours in a risky environment. 

Sky Division Solution

Fitting a FAZER R G2 with a camera as well as a LiDAR system will provide the inspection team with a live video feed and detailed images with geotag capability, as well as 3D LiDAR imaging of surrounding landscape for vegetation management.


The FAZER R G2 is able fly at just 65-100 metres above the ground while guided by the satellite-assisted auto-pilot navigation system. This allows highly accurate flight plans. Only two ground-based operational crew will be required with an estimated 50km of power lines inspected with each flight.

UAV Benefits
  • Use of UAV greatly increases safety and reduces cost
  • FAZER R G2 can be transported via road to each site
  • Reducing the cost of transit time between towns by manned helicopter
  • FAZER R G2 can fly slower than a manned helicopter
  • Increased accuracy and more detailed imaging

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