Volcano Survey

Following a volcanic eruption on the island of Nishinoshima located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan’s national television broadcaster requested assistance from Yamaha to obtain close-up footage of the volcano and the molten rock flowing into the ocean, expanding its land mass.

The 2013 eruption of the volcanic island created a hazardous situation with the release of molten rock, ash, and acid gasses, making a close inspection of the area almost impossible. A safe way to obtain vision and samples from the area was required.

Sky Division Solution

A Yamaha RMAX G1 helicopter fitted with an electric winch to collect rock samples, successfully carried out its sorties from a base 4km from the volcano. The flight base was floating platform fitted with a gyroscopically controlled landing and take-off pad to counteract ocean movement.


From its flight base floating in the Pacific Ocean, the RMAX G1 used its satellite guided auto-pilot system - Blind Vision Line of Sight (BVLOS) to fly 4km to the island. Video footage and rock samples from areas too dangerous for human contact were collected.

UAV Benefits
  • Safe survey of the volcano from the sky
  • Images for scientific study and television
  • Sample collection for scientific study
  • Cost effective solution, simple set up
  • Minimal footprint of equipment

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