The bLU cRU is back!

The bLU cRU YZ65 Cup blasted back into action at the Canberra round of the ProMX Championship. Twenty young guns lined up for the biggest experiences of their lives eager to fulfill racing dreams on an unforgettable weekend.

The YZ65 riders are back in 2021 following a Covid-induced layoff last year – and many of them are younger siblings of the original YZ65 Cup riders from previous years.

In the case of Ryder Burchell and Zane Hantis, their older brothers Seth and Koby not only competed in the original YZ65 Cup series, but are now racing MX3 class for the bLU cRU – inspiring the next generation of riders to become involved in the sport.

For Yamaha, the YZ65 Cup is more than a race series. The events represent a celebration of motocross designed to offer participants and their families a money-can’t-buy experience. Pitting out of the bLU cRU truck and with unparalleled access to YMA’s professional MX race teams, each YZ65 Cup participant is rewarded with memories that last a lifetime.

The ethos of Yamaha’s YZ65 Cup is to make every rider and his or her family feel like they are part of the Yamaha factory race team, courtesy of the unique bLU cRU range of benefits.

“The YZ65 Cup aims to boost grassroots entry level dirt bike riding by offering a unique and fun experience,” explains YMA Sales and Marketing Manager Matthew Ferry. “Participants come away feeling like factory racers with huge grins on their faces and lifetime memories. That’s what makes the YZ65 Cup the most eagerly anticipated dates on the calendar,” continues Ferry.

After spending Saturday with Yamaha’s factory race team heroes, enjoying a track walk and numerous fun group activities, the bLU cRU riders lined up at the gate for moto one at Canberra. Peter Wolfe dominated the first event and entertained the crowds by clearning the numerous big jumps on the Canberra circuit.

In moto two, Heath Davy reversed the order by relegating Wolfe to second. This result handed Davy the overall win ahead of Peter Wolfe in second and Paddy Lewis in third overall. However, as with previous events in 2018 and 2019, the YZ65 Cup focuses on the experience and celebrates the fun of participating above the final standings.

One of the YZ65 Cup benefits is the chance to become a wildcard rider and participate on a machine prepped at YMA’s HQ. At Canberra that honour went to Max Harvey. 

The bLU cRU YZ65 Cup now heads to Maitland on 27 June for the final event of the year – with riders once again competing on the same track as the professional MX riders at the ProMX Championship.

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