Yamaha’s new F70A shoots to the top of the class

26 Jul 2010

The 2010 release of Yamaha’s four stroke F70A was billed as one of the most significant new motor introductions in the last ten years. The reason the release of this motor caused so much excitement was the fact that the F70A weighs only 14 kilograms more than the carburetted two stroke motor of corresponding horse power, a remarkable achievement and a great step forward in mid-range four stroke design.

The F70A has now been available to the public since May and sales have been exceptionally strong. So much so that it has jumped ahead of all the other engines in Yamaha’s extensive range to become Yamaha’s top selling four stroke motor - by a substantial margin.

“I can’t recall a motor release that has had such an immediate impact,” commented Brett Hampson National Sales and Marketing Manager for Yamaha Outboards in Australia. “The reality is many people have been considering purchasing a four stroke in this horsepower bracket but the power options that were available were either not suitable for their application or their boat. With its light weight and powerful performance the new F70A is the motor customers have been waiting for.”

The immediate popularity of the F70A is partly due to the size of the craft the motor has been designed to power. The F70A is ideally suited to boats in the 4.5m to 5.5m class which happens to be a very popular category in the Australian boating market. This category encompasses a huge range of boats from family runabouts to serious mid-size fishing rigs. On these craft the F70A has proven to be a beautifully balanced and highly responsive power option.

The performance and weight of the new F70A comes down to its unique design. The F70A shares the same capacity block as the current F60C but that is where the similarities finish. The F70A runs a four valve per cylinder, four cylinder design. This increases the intake area by 17% compared to the F60C and results in greater volumetric efficiency for outstanding acceleration and impressive top speeds.

The F70A uses a single overhead camshaft rather than the conventional dual camshaft design for 16 valve engines. This award winning innovation reduces the weight that would result from having an extra camshaft and the components that go with it. It’s this feature, as well as a range of other weight savings throughout the design that make the F70A the lightest engine in its class.

A higher gear ratio has been utilised on this motor allowing the F70A to spin a larger propeller, getting more power to the water for more grunt. The F70A uses Yamaha’s “K” series of propellers, giving customers a wide selection of pitch and diameter variants to ensure the right prop is available for every application.

The new Yamaha F70A will be on display and for sale at all shows on the national boatshow circuit. For more information see your local Yamaha dealer or visit the Yamaha stand at your state show.  

Yamaha outboards are available through an Australia-wide network of authorised Yamaha outboard dealers.  All Yamaha 4-stroke outboards are supported with a full 4-year manufacturer’s warranty and all 2-stroke outboards are backed by a 3-year warranty – conditions apply.

All Yamaha outboards are available with the unique “Protection Plus” package that allows customers to access extended service protection, Yamaha Marine Insurance and Yamaha DNA theft protection for more confident and worry free boating.

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